ECIS ESLMT Conference Copenhagen (2-5 March, 2017)
"The Power of Multilingual Classrooms in International Education: Implications for Curriculum Design, Teaching and Learning" 


London, United Kingdom
The Learning Village provides targeted online and offline learning for 6-14 year old English language learners in schools where English is the language of instruction (www.learningvillage.net)

Lessons are split among three strands of learning:
· Survival language - New-to-English to intermediate lessons including the basics of vocabulary and language structures
· Customised curriculum content - Vocabulary and language structures for the curriculum
· Phonics – The teaching of reading through sounds

In summary it:

• Includes 8000+ words and phrases, incorporating speaking, listening, reading and writing
• Offers tools that help learners unable to read their mother tongue (almost all languages covered)
• Saves significant time preparing lessons
• Assess & track learner progress
• Provides support for blended classrooms or for self-study
• Offers excellent support for Special Educational Needs students
• Allows learners to support themselves

A bit about me:

I've been working in schools developing English language skills for young learners catering for beginner through to fluent learners for the last 20 years. I have taught young learners and trained teachers in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. I was the founding Head of Primary at CES, A British International school in Cairo, Egypt (3-18 IPC school) and the Primary Principal at the International School of Milan, Italy (3-18 IB PYP school). I am the author of 'Teaching Children English as an Additional Language: A programme for 7-11 year olds' and 'Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11: A Whole School Resource' and the Learning Village (www.ealteaching.com), an online learning programme for 6-14 year old English language learners in schools where English is the language of instruction.