ECIS ESLMT Conference Copenhagen (2-5 March, 2017)
"The Power of Multilingual Classrooms in International Education: Implications for Curriculum Design, Teaching and Learning" 
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Else Hamayan

My first experience with multilingualism came at the age of 5 when my mother dropped me off at the “madrasat al rahbat” (the nuns’ school) in Baghdad. I discovered that I was the only one who spoke Armenian, and everyone else spoke something I couldn’t understand (turned out to be Arabic). Since that traumatic experience I’ve taught EFL, and learned from teachers of diverse students in the US (books with Genesee and Cloud about dual language and biliteracy education). For the last 10 years I’ve focused on foreign language contexts as I’ve been living in Argentina and working with international schools (book with Genesee on content and language integrated learning). I believe that instruction is most effective when students find cultural and personal reflections of themselves in the new language they are learning. And that’s what my sessions will address.